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Quotes, Etc.

All the quotes you never wanted to hear. . .but always wanted to post. . .

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I noticed there has been some drama over in quoted over the quality and appropriateness of quotes. I can understand the wish to post something you just came up with that you think is funny. I can also understand the wish of other people to not want to read it. So, to try and make everyone happy, here it is: quotes_etc. Post anything from Ghandi to the stupid thing that your friend said yesterday. Anything goes. And now, to contradict myself ;). . .The rules:

1. Anyone can join, anyone can post.

2. NO FLAMING! Anyone posting rude comments will be warned and then banned. Play nice, kids. This also applies to people posting quotes aimed at belittling another specific person.

3. Post anything in quote marks. Also, unlike quoted, you can post SHORT commentary about your quote. Try and keep it under a sentence or two, however.

I think that's about it. So remember: Go to quoted to get all you philisophical, meaningful quotes ("Who needs 'em?" asks the quoted member), but come here for your mindless stupidity!


Your friendly neighborhood moderator is garillama. So be nice to her! If you have any problems, you can email her at sepia dot dreams at gmail dot com (damn you spambots! No email for you, one week!).